When two great minds meet…

Do you know the story of what happened when Swami Vishnu and Swami Sivananda met for the first time? It really makes one wonder…

After a short stint in the army (!), the officer – who only later became Swami Vishnu-devananda – came across a copy of Sadhana Tattwa, spiritual instructions, by Swami Sivananda. By accident? Who knows. He got hooked, immersed himself in the study of yogic scriptures, and eventually was longing to meet the author in person.

He packed his bag and went to Rishikesh (even at the time, everything YOGA seemed to have happened there…), where he was about to have a life-changing experience.

Swami Chinmayananda on his day of Sannyas init...

Swami Chinmayananda on his day of Sannyas initiation, with Guru Swami Sivananda and other disciples, Feb 25, 1949, Maha Shivratri Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It all took place on the stairs of the ashram where Swami Sivananda was residing, which were leading to the Ganges. Swami Sivananda was walking up the stairs, and people were customarily prostrating to him.

But the young officer did not want to bow his head to anyone. He hid in a doorway thinking nobody would see him, Swami Sivananda would pass by, and he could keep his pride, keep his shell intact.

However, Swami Sivananda did see him. What do you think happened?

He stepped in front of the young man – and prostrated to him. He gave him a lesson much more powerful than any lecture he could have given, any book he could have written.  He led by example, giving him a lesson in humility. The first lesson for Swami Vishnu by his guru.

In 1947, at the age of 20, Swami Vishnu took sannyas (became a monk) and entered the Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh. The rest is history, but the lesson remains timeless.

So the question is – has this all been fate? I guess then we need to ask: What is fate? There’s one answer to this question I really love:

Fate is when God chooses to remain anonymous. 

What is fate for you?

Be well,

~ Andrea