Don’t judge a book by…

The great thing about Barbie is that she can be anything she wants to be. Yes, she’s that cool. Such a strong woman. Naturally, if Barbie decides she wants to be a yoga teacher, she can be just that. (In case you’ve missed this exciting piece of news, read on here).

So the question is: Do you think Barbie is a good yoga teacher? Okay, I know what you’re saying. She’s a doll. But let’s forget about that for a second, let’s just look at her. What do you see?

Or even better, let’s go to a book store (I know, bear with me, please). So we’re right in front of all these shelves, looking at book covers. Maybe some books are highlighted by the shop and put on a nice little extra shelf, so that we won’t miss them. There’s the sales person as well. “May I help?” – “Ahem, thanks, just browsing.” We look at the covers. Their colours. The type of font the publisher has used. The thickness of the book. We read the description on the back, have a quick flip through, decide to buy it. Or not. The decision is based on so many random things. Did we spot the book because it’s featured in a certain way? Did we buy it because we liked the way it feels when we hold it? Because we like the cover picture? Continue reading