The “yoga” class has died out

yoga adjustment

Imagine you want to start yoga. You’re full of good intentions, but you’re also nervous and you have no clue how to do this. Naturally, you Google search – and you’re horrified and confused. You realise that “yoga” classes don’t … Continue reading

Get it off your chest!

Let me warn you: This is not for the faint-hearted. This is not for the ones who easily feel embarrassed in public. And not for those who are afraid of making weird noises either. If you decide to go ahead, you’ll find yourself huffing and puffing while a teacher is watching you closely to check if you’re doing it right.

The noise you’ll be producing vaguely resembles a sneeze, but one that you failed to suppress. It’s a forceful exhalation through your nose, a bit like blowing it, but without any tissues involved. Importantly, you have to close your eyes. Not only to aid concentration, but also to skip the pitiful and bewildered looks bystanders will bestow on you.

So what’s the benefit of all this?  Continue reading

Will our future be that…shocking?!

Let’s hope this is NOT fast forward into the future, but in light of Earth Day and to brighten your mood (think of what we still have!), here’s an awesome video by a band mostly known in France, Mickey 3D, ‘Respire’ (English lyrics below).

If you watch four minutes until the, well, shocking end  -  you won’t regret it.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a deep breath, now. Because we do live in a wonderful world. So let’s step outside and marvel at the trees, go to your next green space and watch nature awakening to spring and greet the returning birds chatting to you on your windowsill.  Continue reading

“Do you wanna go Coconuts?”

We’ve been laughing about “Shit Yogis Say” (or maybe we’ve just been laughing about ourselves, who knows..), but hey, there’s more: Tataaa – “Shit Ashtanga Yogis Say“.

Want a foretaste? Here you go:

Props? Doesn’t say anything about props in the Yoga Sutras!

Oh dear. I confess, I’m a loser. I just love my props :) Oh and I cannot wait for the timely “Shit Anusara Yogis Say“…