“Do you wanna go Coconuts?”

We’ve been laughing about “Shit Yogis Say” (or maybe we’ve just been laughing about ourselves, who knows..), but hey, there’s more: Tataaa – “Shit Ashtanga Yogis Say“.

Want a foretaste? Here you go:

Props? Doesn’t say anything about props in the Yoga Sutras!

Oh dear. I confess, I’m a loser. I just love my props :) Oh and I cannot wait for the timely “Shit Anusara Yogis Say“…

Savasana: The Movie (or: what REALLY happens…)

Remember, Savaaasanaaaa…

…that’s when we contemplate the mystery of the universe. Or even better, contemplate nothing. Because contemplating means using our brain and that’s boo! Oh, and as it’s one of the most challenging postures (I know, looks sooo easy!), our inventive mind finds trillions of other things to think of. Because everything’s better than thinking of nothing, the brain insists.

So here’s the truth about what really happens in Savasana: