The “yoga” class has died out

yoga adjustment

Imagine you want to start yoga. You’re full of good intentions, but you’re also nervous and you have no clue how to do this. Naturally, you Google search – and you’re horrified and confused. You realise that “yoga” classes don’t … Continue reading

Don’t judge a book by…

The great thing about Barbie is that she can be anything she wants to be. Yes, she’s that cool. Such a strong woman. Naturally, if Barbie decides she wants to be a yoga teacher, she can be just that. (In case you’ve missed this exciting piece of news, read on here).

So the question is: Do you think Barbie is a good yoga teacher? Okay, I know what you’re saying. She’s a doll. But let’s forget about that for a second, let’s just look at her. What do you see?

Or even better, let’s go to a book store (I know, bear with me, please). So we’re right in front of all these shelves, looking at book covers. Maybe some books are highlighted by the shop and put on a nice little extra shelf, so that we won’t miss them. There’s the sales person as well. “May I help?” – “Ahem, thanks, just browsing.” We look at the covers. Their colours. The type of font the publisher has used. The thickness of the book. We read the description on the back, have a quick flip through, decide to buy it. Or not. The decision is based on so many random things. Did we spot the book because it’s featured in a certain way? Did we buy it because we liked the way it feels when we hold it? Because we like the cover picture? Continue reading

“Am I getting better at Yoga?”

Progress. This is just how we’re wired these days. Things need to be achieved. Boxes ticked off. No, not just the big stuff, school, studies, degree, first job (and a good one, please!), success at work, the ‘perfect’ partner… It’s true for the small things in life as well – by the way: what’s on your to-do list for today? Who replied “nothing”, back there, in the last row? Please stand up?

So no wonder that this infiltrates our approach to hobbies and everything we do outside our to-do list, during that time when we’re not busy crossing out stuff on there. If there’s time left, that is. For most of us, there’s no time left, which is why something like yoga needs to be added to that list. If it’s not on there but just something we enjoy doing in our “FREE” time, well – then it just never happens. Continue reading

How a disabled veteran transformed his body – through yoga!

Almost all yoga teachers turned him away – but he found a teacher and managed to transform his life within a year. How amazing is that?

To all yoga teachers: Don’t turn anyone away just because the situation might seem “hopeless”.

Oh, and to all future yoga students: You can do it – no matter where you are now! The proof? See below :)

Murphy’s Law scenarios for yoga teachers – and what to do!

You know how they say: If anything can go wrong, it will.

While this might not be necessarily the case for you when you start teaching yoga, it’s always good to prepare for the impossible. Because even if it’s highly unlikely that everything listed below happens to YOU, there’s a good chance that some of it will.

Be ready.

Be sure you're ready for your audience - Bikram or not!

Read on at MindBodyGreen.

Be well and enjoy the Easter break!

~ Andrea

When two great minds meet…

Do you know the story of what happened when Swami Vishnu and Swami Sivananda met for the first time? It really makes one wonder…

After a short stint in the army (!), the officer – who only later became Swami Vishnu-devananda – came across a copy of Sadhana Tattwa, spiritual instructions, by Swami Sivananda. By accident? Who knows. He got hooked, immersed himself in the study of yogic scriptures, and eventually was longing to meet the author in person.

He packed his bag and went to Rishikesh (even at the time, everything YOGA seemed to have happened there…), where he was about to have a life-changing experience.

Swami Chinmayananda on his day of Sannyas init...

Swami Chinmayananda on his day of Sannyas initiation, with Guru Swami Sivananda and other disciples, Feb 25, 1949, Maha Shivratri Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It all took place on the stairs of the ashram where Swami Sivananda was residing, which were leading to the Ganges. Swami Sivananda was walking up the stairs, and people were customarily prostrating to him.

But the young officer did not want to bow his head to anyone. He hid in a doorway thinking nobody would see him, Swami Sivananda would pass by, and he could keep his pride, keep his shell intact.

However, Swami Sivananda did see him. What do you think happened?

He stepped in front of the young man – and prostrated to him. He gave him a lesson much more powerful than any lecture he could have given, any book he could have written.  He led by example, giving him a lesson in humility. The first lesson for Swami Vishnu by his guru.

In 1947, at the age of 20, Swami Vishnu took sannyas (became a monk) and entered the Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh. The rest is history, but the lesson remains timeless.

So the question is – has this all been fate? I guess then we need to ask: What is fate? There’s one answer to this question I really love:

Fate is when God chooses to remain anonymous. 

What is fate for you?

Be well,

~ Andrea