UK school to instruct meditation as taught to the Beatles

Not that I want to warm up the topic of the Beatles’ meditation practice in India again (read the full story here), but the latest twist is really interesting: A UK free school – yet to open – is planning to introduce a morning and afternoon meditation (with the teachers joining in!), everything under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s followers. (If that rings a bell, yes, that’s the Yogi who taught the Beatles, or at least tried to.)

The followers want to open the school in Hampton, in addition to another school they’ve been running for 25 years in Lancashire. The Evening Standard quotes Richard Scott, who is leading the Maharishi School Trust bid: “Kids think more clearly, the mind is quieter and they become more responsive as a result of the meditation, and it comes through in their results.”

However, the topic remains controversial.  The Evening Standard approached the British Humanist Association who has “serious concerns” that the schools would teach “irrational dogma” which should not be funded by the state.

So here we are again – in a way it’s another angle to the “Yoga at schools” post. The question remains: Do schools and spiritual practice go together? 

You can read the full article here.

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