Leslie Kaminoff’s final book review: “The Science of Yoga”

Just putting some more oil in the fire 😉 Enjoy how he talks about the author “stretching credibility” and other really nice sound bites!

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  1. Hi Andrea,

    I LOVE your blog and have just subscribed. Someone also shared a very compelling (and deeply disturbing) NY Times article by William Broad, and I just HAD to share it with you! I can hardly wait to see what you think. I must say, I am very disappointed by William Broad’s narrow-minded and unfair attack on yoga!



  2. Hi Andrea, new to your blog and love it already:) I had the pleasure of taking a class at the “Breathing Project” in New York.. and Leslie K is amazing!!!! I wasn’t sure what to expect but he is so down to earth and really enjoyed it!



  3. Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for sharing this video. I enjoyed listening to his book review. Though Kaminoff suggests to buy the book, and from a critical thinking point of view he is correct to suggest that we read the book and get our own opinion, I will refrain from doing so. I have enough to read and review and reading the Science of Yoga would not benefit me to be a better yoga instructor.I am already suspect of the book’s author and I will not support his “agenda.” That is why contributions such as your posting this on your blog for us to view are valuable to have at least exposure and to be aware of the discussion. Again, thanks and Namaste.


  4. Hi Andrea,

    I found it!

    I may, like “presenttimeyoga”, add this to my blog as well. I think what is crucial, that Kaminoff points out, is that yoga is just part of the picture- it’s not the entire picture. I have been practicing yoga for a couple years now, and this talk of it being dangerous or risky will not stop me.


  5. Hi, Andrea! I hope you don’t mind, but I will add this video to my blog as it’s an excellent review. Thank you for posting it! Kaminoff makes really great points. Have decided to buy the book as I think when read critically all books add to what we know–and if there are things with which we disagree we became more articulate in our argumentation against them.
    can’t wait to get it. Couldn’t find it in London, so is the way to go.


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