Watch this – back bending par excellence…

Some inspiration for the weekend 🙂

But the question remains – why is she in her underwear?


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  1. Just gonna throw this out there. Just because someone is flexible doesn’t mean that they are doing asana correctly. This gal is seriously not balanced. To the untrained eye this is all beautiful. In fact, it does look beautiful anyway, but to the trained eye she has a serious pelvic torque that is anterior on the left pelvis and lateral tightness of the left side. There is also has digestive problems. She back bends over the lumbar spine with no support of the sacrum where all movement originates. The sacrum is to move into the pelvis to support the extension of the spine. Energetically she has no idea what the hell she is talking about. That whole back bends are a great way to clear energy in the AM is complete BS showing she doesn’t understand asana or energy. Yes, she can move and is beautiful even while she is not moving. Now we all have our stuff we are working on, of course and we all are where we are, just wish integrity was part of the path. Asana is not yoga. Asana done by western exercise theory is not even asana. Sorry to be a buzz kill but somebody has to say something.


    • My eyes must be seriously untrained because I couldn’t see that she has digestive problems or that her SI joint wobbles slightly to the left.

      Maybe you should post a video to show us how it should look like when done properly. After all, true yoga is about sharing and passing on knowledge…


      • Anthony, just as an obvious, look at the still of the video with her doing the fore arm balance. See that pooch of her belly, see how she is completely folding back over her kidneys, see how she is tight in the lateral thighs and the hip crease is completely closed as if she has her butt leading the way to the floor…. this is just a tiny little bit of what allows me to see what is going on with her entire body and all the systems. Can even take this into the energy system and say how she perceives and walk about in this world.

        Yoga has nothing to do with sharing and passing on the knowledge. In fact the texts state in so many verses that this knowledge is not to be shared. Par and parcel of the detail in sanskrit and the deep knowledge only being experienced in a real path that is followed with the template as laid down in the texts. Not a class in a studio.


  2. Phenomenal! She makes it look so easy to do but I would think she practiced many hours to get to this level of proficiency. The underwear keeps this video from being a nude yoga broadcast in which case it might have some restrictions on where it can be posted. 🙂

    OM Shanti – Namaste


  3. Second question…who’s in the bed and do they know all of these contortions are happening at the foot of it? AND who is filming her through the window? Little bizarre in a few ways, although insanely impressive. I think I’d be in my undees all the time, too, if I looked like that!


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