“Do you wanna go Coconuts?”

We’ve been laughing about “Shit Yogis Say” (or maybe we’ve just been laughing about ourselves, who knows..), but hey, there’s more: Tataaa – “Shit Ashtanga Yogis Say“.

Want a foretaste? Here you go:

Props? Doesn’t say anything about props in the Yoga Sutras!

Oh dear. I confess, I’m a loser. I just love my props 🙂 Oh and I cannot wait for the timely “Shit Anusara Yogis Say“…

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  1. That is extremely, f*cking Hilarious! I so recognise myself, like, ten years ago. With the popping noises in the hamstrings and everything…
    You should make the Anusari video, Andrea! Do it, do it!


  2. Ha ha. Brilliant. I was just saying to another yoga teacher the other day… “Seriously, Sri K. Patthabi Jois must seriously have been teaching some big classes for the number of ashtanga teachers to be able to say they have ‘studied’ with him”. I admit freely that I have not been to India nor studied with an ashtanga master teacher (which for many I would guess has involved taking a workshop). I’ve also accepted that though the sanskrit sounds beautiful at times, yoga is alienating enough for most as it is without using funny sounding names to describe how people should be tangling themselves up in a class! Funny since I learnt the postures in sanskrit and am having to now re-learn the English to be able to teach the names. I did however, quite severely strain my back whilst doing ashtanga yoga on the full moon so I ain’t gonna argue with that one!


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