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A few days ago, in a refugee camp…

Really, forget all the Lululemon gear, the Manduka mats, just come and practise yoga with these powerful and inspiring women. You don’t need a thing – a concrete floor in a spartan classroom is sufficient.

The women on the photo live with almost 2000 other Ethiopians in a refugee camp in Gorom, near the capital of South Sudan, Juba. And no, after class they won’t have a chat over a bottle of coconut water, but will instead have to get back to their daily chores, among them carrying firewood, caring for their children, cooking – or simply fetching water.

My heart goes out to these women who prove that enthusiasm makes up for any lack of experience or yoga technique.

The teacher says these women can hold postures much longer than office workers as they are stronger.
Full article on unhcr.org

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  1. I just found your blog and have really enjoyed browsing through it! I’ve added you to my bloglist – thanks for broadening the discussion of yoga off the mat. 🙂


    • Hi, thanks for reading and your comment which, luckily, made me find your blog. I love it! I’m also intrigued by what you do outside yoga. East Timor sounds exciting, and challenging!



  2. Inspirational..and so true. LOL although I have the lululemon gear and the manduka mat, I’d rather practice my salutations in a field of grass with baggy sweat pants and a snug t-shirt.


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