Eye Candy

Do you know an orphaned elephant?

They say we should be happy. Being happy is good for you. It makes your neurons tingle. But what is this elusive happiness? What does it look, taste, smell like? And can I have a repeat prescription please?

Quite often we drop the word “happiness” casually in a conversation, somehow assuming we’re all talking about the same, defined thing.

But is it much more than a feather in the wind? And the more you grip it with your tight fists, the more you crush it?

We can’t touch it, we can’t make it last, or store it in a container, to be opened on a rainy day. And usually the moment we’re thinking “oh, hang on, I’m SO happy right now!” – the moment evaporates.

Happiness isn’t really a noun, it’s not tangible, and it’s as undefined, as undefinable as the other things we’re craving. Like, ahem, love. You just somehow know when you’re happy. How? I don’t know.

So how about this:

There is no happiness;

There are only moments of happiness.

Let’s make them count.

Oh and if you know an orphaned elephant baby, give him a big hug. And receive a trunk around your neck in exchange. Share the happiness, whatever that means to each of you.

~ Andrea

P.S. What’s happiness for you?


credit feature image: wavejourney.com

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