Yoga ruins your life. Oh yesss. It does.

Listen to the respected (and oh so wise!) Richard Freeman who explains in 2:28 minutes how yoga will ruin your life.

But anyway, maybe for you – yes, for you, reading this – it’s already too late! πŸ˜‰


What has yoga done to your life?


~ Andrea

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  1. Wow Andrea, thanks for sharing this video it has encouraged me to practice some more yoga, even when I’m a really beginner I know that great feeling of practicing it!


  2. Whoaa! Those are pretty “extreme” poses. Although i love many of the things about yoga, i now have si joint issues and a labral tear from doing yoga for the past 12 years. Wake up yogis to the risks you are taking. Many of these postures are not healthy. I agree with Michealle above. Read her book…YogAlign. It’s a new and healthier approach to a lifetime of yoga. Your body is worth the extra care…do you want to end up with hip replacements, si joint issues, and painful labral tears and impingements. It may not happen right away, but with time believe me, it will. SI joint pain is chronic once it begins; I sincerely hope the prolotherapy works for Richard Freeman.


    • Thanks both for your thoughtful comments. I agree, ashtanga yoga has its issues. I’ve started with it many years ago and quickly figured out that it’s not for me. I’ve done a lot of sivananda and very slow vinyasa, leaving out quite a few postures that cause discomfort.
      I posted the video regardless of the type of yoga, wanting to underline that once you start out on the yogic path changes off the mat tend to occur as well (e.g. change in eating habits, posture when walking or sitting, sleeping patterns…). In no way did I intend to advocate a particular system of yoga – apologies if the post gave this impression!




      • Thanks Andrea for letting me know you were not advocating the yoga, just the philosophy. The practice of these extreme yoga poses if done repeatedly with the force shown in this video can definitely ruin your life.


  3. When Richard Freeman said how annoying airplane seats are when your back has to curve backward and your head is thrust forwards, the video shows someone doing a crow pose variation with the lumbar spinal curving backwards and the head thrust forward. Is this a joke? This video made me feel sickened to see the ways that people are contorting the body and forcing their joints into hyperflexion and hyperextension. I read in Yoga Journal that Freeman has torn his SI joint ligaments and needed prolo therapy.
    Dharma Mittra and Beryl Bender, long time Ashtangis have hip replacements. I am afraid that yoga will ruin many peoples lives while they practice these poses believing that compressing the spine in forward bends and letting people sit on you will bring a favorable outcome. We do not need to pull ourselves apart at the seams to find natural alignment of our body or contentment and peace in our hearts and mind. MIchaelle with YogAlign


  4. Haha! This is so true! I’ve not worn jeans just yoga pants and the odd skirt in over six months because I must always be prepared to break out the yoga and stretch. I also never thought I would enrolled in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training nor that I would move to Vancouver to take said training.

    It kind of has a life of its own now that I’m following with meditations and yoga flowing out of me at a high level currently and a new fascination with this practice (where can I take a full time yoga course I’ve begun to ask!).

    I have been checking out your blog and it’s really inspiring to me.

    I’ve just begun a blog on my yoga journey at and I hope that my blog stays as consistent and true to the practice as your posts and writing are.

    Thank you for all that you share.

    ~ Serafina


  5. Thank you Andrea for liking my blog today! It not only made me feel good but it led me to YOUR blog which is fabulous. And, yes, yoga ruins your life in all the BEST possible ways :)! I am so grateful to my wonderful, beautiful teachers at The Yoga Joint here in Ft. Lauderdale for what they give and I’m so very grateful that yoga has “ruined my life”…it has given me my life :)! Namaste


  6. I ruined my life way back in college and I’m looking forward to continuing to ruin it with yoga throughout my retirement and right up until I draw my last breath.


  7. Reblogged this on The Peaceful Yogini and commented:
    Richard Freeman who explains in 2:28 minutes how yoga will “ruin” your life. Yoga enthusiasts have a difficult time sitting on airplanes for example. it’s amazing what some of the people in this video can do.


  8. I saw this video a coupe of weeks ago and I found ti very interesting. Yoga only ruins your life if you are planning to have a “normal” life! Hahahaaa!!!

    Much love! πŸ™‚
    (And thank you so much for liking my post!)


  9. Lmao! I love this video. I am just so grateful that my pre yoga self’s attitudes and beliefs- which inhibited me from living and loving beyond constructed boundaries- are indeed ruined and replaced by healthier alternatives! Thanks for sharing.

    I was excited to see that you teach in Melbourne, as I am planning a visit in December to visit my little sister who is living there. Would be cool to take part in one of your classes πŸ™‚


  10. Reblogged this on Ananda Yoga and commented:
    Great Post by YOGA & Joyful living. & so true, I guess if you look at it through the eyes of Richard Freeman, Yoga can ruin your life– but I think he really means the opposite : )


    • Oh I know! But then it doesn’t really feel like a sacrifice to me… I’m also lucky to have such an understanding environment, tolerating all the incense, yoga chant music, shiva statues on the chimney….and of course dinner at 6 pm so that I won’t feel too full for early morning practice.


  11. A great video, very true.

    I’ve been practicing Yoga for 3 decades now. I’m very blessed to have found these transformational processes so young. I’ve been reflecting recently on how they ‘saved’ my life in many ways.



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