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Removing fuel from the fire: Jewish Yoga

It’s the holiday season, time for contemplation and random demonstrations of love & kindness. So I thought instead of adding ever more fuel to the “is yoga a religion” discussion, I’d remove some and share this amazing find with you.

While the rest of the world has been busily discussing if children at schools should be exposed to terrifying Hindu stretching exercises, or if indeed we aren’t even allowed to uproot the practice from its Indian roots – some others have kept on yoga-ing in the background, quietly, ignoring all this buzz.

Rachel & Avraham Kolberg have a yoga studio in the heart of the orthodox neighbourhood Beit Shemesh in Israel.

This is from their site:

By bringing Iyengar yoga to marginalized and heavily segregated Orthodox Jewish communities, the Kolbergs exemplify the values of charity and kindness that must underlie any genuine yoga practice.

Gosh, so maybe the question is why do we practice? And not: Who owns yoga?

For more eye candy visit the Kolberg’s website.

Happy festive season to you and all those around you,

~ Andrea

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