Not just for lovers, but for all who love

Valentine’s day is approaching, yet again, and there’s a huge potential for annoyance. If you’re single or simply believe that Valentine’s day originated as a clever marketing idea of the flower industry you may feel like shouting at every rose seller:

“Love isn’t just for today, love’s for every damn day!”


LOVE – in asanas!

And that’s right, but I believe there’s more. To me, this day is about love. And we all love. We love our family, our friends, well, even our dogs and cats (they have souls too, don’t they?) so here’s what I think: Valentine’s day is for all of us, not just for lovers. It’s a day to appreciate that we have people in our life who we love – and who love us. So it’s a day to honour that connection and express gratitude.

But there’s still more. While this day is all about the other person we love, it’s a great time to remind us of self-love. I think about it every time I take the plane and the flight attendant says: “If cabin pressure drops, oxygen masks will appear. Before assisting others make sure you put your own mask first.”  

And that’s the thing: How can you nourish others if you’re not nourished yourself? How can you assist others if you’re not in a position of strength?

This Valentine’s day, let’s be a little bit selfish. It doesn’t mean that you can’t buy that flamboyant, bright red rose you wanted to get. And if you’re short of 50 cents the rose seller might say: “Oh, that’s fine. Love has no price.” (I’ve heard it happened….). But it also means that you can then take some rose petals and sprinkle them across the mountains of foam in the bath tub where you’ll spend the next 45min, doing absolutely nothing but be kind to yourself.

Have a great Valentine’s day full of love,

~ Andrea

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  1. Wishing you a fabulous & loving Valentines too! And you are soo right, if we could all be more caring, loving & grateful on this day and more aware – it might turn into a global peaced day of love & happiness.❤️


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