The first ‘BEST of YOGA’ is out -Melbourne!

So, we’ve done it all for you.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of classes, emptied an equal number of water bottles, finished 2 body sprays and paid 3 parking tickets.

We chatted with hundreds of committed local yogis to find out about their perfect yoga spots. We only survived all those early wake up calls thanks to an endless supply of coconut water – but we’ve done it!

  • We didn’t accept any freebies for positive reviews.
  • We checked out every studio in person.
  • We simply tell it as we see it.

After six months of research, the BEST of YOGA Melbourne is out, the first independently researched yoga guide to Melbourne!

GET your BEST of YOGA Melbourne here – it’s FREE 

(Note: It’s a 50+ pages guide with lots of images, so this may take a moment…)

If you want to get an overview of studios in your home town, you are travelling and don’t know the local yoga scene, or you’re looking for something in particular, such as kids classes, chanting, vigorous and physically demanding classes, yoga philosophy lectures – we’ve got you covered.

You can find your class by looking for a particular yoga style, or you can simply check out some of the fun categories, such as location, location!, most authentic, great beginners choice, or life-long learning. Make sure to have a look at Melbourne’s most unusual yoga experiences in our 10 TOP PICKS.

Yes, it's a yoga studio!

Yes, it’s a yoga studio! Click to find out more…

I know – now you’re saying: But hang on, what if I’m not in Australia? Stay tuned – soon we’ll give you the perfect guide to plan the most wonderful yoga holiday of your life: With BEST of YOGA Bali!

In Australia? BEST of YOGA Perth will publish in April 2016!

As always, let us know what you think, either in the comments below or email

Enjoy reading, exploring and stretching!


the BEST of YOGA team

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  1. Excellent guide, thank you! Is there a guide for Teacher training courses in Melbourne? I am sure there are many of us who need one like yesterday as its a huge investment and commitment.


    • Thank you! More guides will be coming soon!

      No, there’s none (or not that I’m aware of). But if you find a studio you like and trust and they offer an accredited programme (always check the certification) it’s worth looking into it!


  2. Great job on the reviews.
    As a student, I highly recommend Balwyn Yoga Centre (not on your list). Mrs Lang, the principal, studied under Iyengar in India for many years and established the school in 1968. Many regulars, great sense of community, dedicated studio.


    • Thanks for reading! We’ve made sure to check out all the yoga hot spots (and the secret yoga spots!) in the city, glad you agree with our rating!
      Please tell other yogis about the guide,

      Your BEST of YOGA team


    • Yes, it’s amazing! But it also means there are more and more classes on offer and it’s just more difficult than ever before to find the class that’s perfect for you.
      Thanks for reading, please share!

      BEST of YOGA team


  3. As a new yogi i love this! Thank you so much! And I do love Yoga Flame, they are so welcoming and wonderful.


  4. Reblogged this on Yoga with Sophie and commented:
    Today I saw that this guide had been written by fellow wordpress blogger: Andrea Leber… And I just had to share!! Have a look through it if you’re interested in finding out more about Melbourne’s diverse and blooming yoga scene – and come and visit me at either Ohana yoga or Grass Roots Yoga. I feel so lucky to be working at some of the best studios in the city – and now that opinions not just according to me!!!

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