Why I’m not a “true yogi”

I’ve come across an article that cheekily asks:

Are you obsessed with yoga? Are you a true yogi?

If in doubt, some guidance is being offered (as any psychologist will confirm, the person affected by an obsession is usually the last one to realise, so yes, we’re being thankful here!). Please, peruse with me the list that left me in a state of shock and inner turmoil. Why?

Well, as it turns out, I’m not a true yogi at all. Not a bit. I’m feeling awfully sorry for myself just now, but I’m working on it. Promise.

This bike must belong to a

This bike belongs to a “true yogi”. How can you tell? Read below.

So according to the list, to become a true yogiI should do the following:

  • Tuck my non-toxic yoga mat under my arm every time I leave the house. Sorry guys, but I practise at home. Every day. Carrying the mat around with me to the doctor’s, or the grocery store seems impractical.
  • My new best friend should be my yoga instructor. Call me old-fashioned, but my yoga instructor is my yoga instructor. My friends are my friends. There’s something to be said about the student-teacher relationship and the healthy distance it requires.
  • I should have bought every yoga DVD there is and/or practise online yoga whenever I can. I’m ashamed to admit that the only gear I ever bought was a yoga mat (and its successors since then) and some cheap GAP leggings which I also wear around the house. Pssst: I don’t own a yoga DVD. Not one. I recklessly practise on my own. *ShameOnMe*
  • Strike a down dog pose at the office. Ahem. I usually don’t feel the need to show to the world that my pants really aren’t see-through at all. Also – I’d like to keep my job in order to pay for my yoga classes, and appearing like a complete weirdo may not help here.
  • My daily wardrobe should consist of fashionable yoga pants and tops. Sorry to break the news to you, but I can’t afford all those fashionable yoga items, and even if I could, I can’t justify the expense given that I wear office clothes about 8hrs a day, and yoga clothes, let me think – 2hrs a day?
  • As soon as practice is finished, I should long for the next session. Well, I usually feel pretty chilled and perfectly happy after practice, with no longing for anything at all. Is that bad?
  • When I hurt myself, the first thing that comes to mind is: Will I be able to practise tomorrow? Call me crazy, but when I hurt myself the first thing that comes to mind is: Is it serious and what can I do to make it better? Why? Because I know I’ll be able to do yoga, even if I might not be able to strike a posture.

As I said, I’ve been doing pretty badly on this one. But after all, don’t they say yoga is a life-long journey? So there might be hope for me, if not in this life, then in the next one!

How high do you score in terms of yogic true-ness?

~ Andrea

Read the full article on YOGANONYMOUS here.
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  1. Most of these things seem like things that yoga is supposed to help to dissolve.. Like egotism, attachment to possessions, and not being present… I think you sound more like a true yogi than anyone who would fit the definition outlined in that article!

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  2. I love this! That article sounds ridiculous and is the exact opposite about what yoga should be about. Apparently I am not a true yogi either 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  3. True Yoga is not something that one can see externally. The fancy clothings, the chic yoga accessories nor the asanas (particulary the advanced poses) are not the basis of being a true yogi.

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  4. Its nice to read this one 🙂 i just started doing yoga and i didn’t know it was really hard. Its not a matter of how flexible you are ( i think that is something to develop over time), i think its more of how much will you can go until you finish, like running, its a matter of mind over matter. I run and i’m training to do a marathon this October, so i started yoga as a cross training, but i think i’ll stick to this. I must say i really enjoyed yoga though i still need to find a person or join a class to see if i’m doing the poses properly.


  5. Andrea you sound like a wonderful true yogi to me! I practice at home everyday too and don’t have the bike or the pants ha!! So as long as we know that a true yogi is one who has a wonderful love and respect for yoga with or without the wardrobe are the real yogis!! Great post thanku .


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