Yoga – in Iran!

Iran isn’t the country you’d think of first in terms of yoga. And let’s face it, we’re not reading yoga-related news from Iran very often.

And then this: Laughter Yoga is en vogue in Teheran! Who knew? More mind-boggling facts: About 250.000 people around the world are regularly engaged in this practice, developed by the ‘Guru of Giggling’, Madan Lal Kataria. Sounds Indian to you? Well, you’re right! In fact, Laughter Yoga has not been developed in Silicon Valley, or New York, or London, no – it comes straight from India, a country that boasts 6.000 (yes, you read that right) laughter yoga clubs!

Weird? Wonderful? Whichever way you see it, I guess laughter remains the only thing that is infectious and can at the same time cure about anything. Or at least this is what firm believers claim: No matter what’s bugging you, if it’s spiritual, physical, or psychological, laughter yoga will help.

Read more about Laughter Yoga here and about its creator here.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of joy and laughter!

~ Andrea

Images: AP/Vahid Salemi

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  1. Who knew? laughing yoga in Iran? I’ve always wondered whether I would try laughing yoga but you are so right…laughing is infectious..and so it has to be good for you! My children always make me laugh.



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