Why otters are happy creatures

Apparently, 50% of our happiness level is predetermined. Set in stone. From birth. That’s how powerful our genes are. But here’s the surprising bit: Only 10-20% of our happiness are down to those factors we commonly think will make us happy. How astonishing!  Overall, wealth, health, life circumstances, age, gender, and occupation can’t do very much to raise our level of happiness.

Key are the remaining 30-40%: They are determined by how we think and act.



So today, do something that you know will make you happy, even if you “don’t have time”.

Call an old friend. Read a poem. Meditate. Have a cup of tea while re-reading your favourite book. Take time to laugh.

And maybe tonight, when you fall asleep, hold hands with your partner – just as otters do!

At night, otters hold each other’s paws so that they won’t drift apart while sleeping. Now, how amazing is that? And if this made you smile, well, then it’s brought already a tiny bit of happiness to your day!


Image credits, and here.

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  1. Little bits of happiness are the inspiration for my blog. This is a great one. It makes me glad to see that it usually comes from small and unexpected places! Really enjoying the positivity in your other posts as well, looking forward to reading more.


  2. Coincidentally I was holding hands with my partner when reading your post. That makes me happy! Another silly thing that made me happy another day was sharing a bag of chips with a stranger on a tram. It’s nice to see a smile on someone else’s face… 🙂


  3. gorgeous 🙂 I am going to have a happy, rest day today: yoga class in the morning, then I’m going to set up a writers camp in my favourite cafe and do what I do best 🙂 Yay!


  4. This did make me smile! How cute is that. I think we all forget to nurture ourselves and allow happiness, so thanks for the reminder.

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