Yoga, 9 months pregnant

Yes, it’s about to happen, and my body kept up amazingly well with my yoga practice over the past nine months.

I feel extremely blessed to have been mobile until the very last days of pregnancy, only slightly modifying my practice. Yes, the practice has become shorter, and no, there aren’t any twists anymore, and of course all the prone postures are out of the question. However, inversions are still feeling great (particularly since water retention has started kicking in), and my physiotherapist gave her OK for gentle core strength exercises – not actively building any core strength, but maintaining a decent level of it. It’s also nice to give the side body a good stretch to make room for the lungs which are being squashed from below and have nowhere to go but getting stuck against the ribcage.

And while that’s all been great, my yoga tops and pants have really let me down. Granted, tops aren’t designed to accommodate a pregnancy belly, but even the leggings I owned eventually couldn’t stomach the belly pushing out any longer. After about 5 months I noticed that the elastic wasn’t rolling up properly anymore because it’s been automatically rolling down while wearing the pants.

I’ve been looking around for suitable outfits that would allow room for even more growth, but I was also reluctant to spend a whole lot of money on something that would only really serve its purpose for another four months. There’s an awful lot of amazing companies producing yoga gear – but has anyone ever thought of pregnant women, and more specifically: Of pregnant women who would want to buy clothes now, and wear them later, after giving birth? In addition I wanted some other boxes ticked, such as fair labour conditions.

It took a while, but then I’ve found Wellicious – a company that produces every single item in Europe, and has a range for pregnant women – with all items in that section also looking wonderful after pregnancy!

And with only a few days to go I can confidently say that this outfit has been able to keep up with my practice and the particular needs of my body, without losing shape or colours fading after a few washes. Now we’re awaiting the arrival of the little one who I’m sure will be keen on testing all my yogic qualities off the mat!



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  1. How is motherhood treating you? I remember these weeks as being an exhausting hormonal blur. Sending peace, light, and best wishes for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.


    • That describes it very well! Meant to post about it but then, well, you know how it goes…time just seems to disappear and only now you realise how much of it you seemed to have before 🙂


  2. wow, look at your handstand! awesome 🙂 I loved doing yoga when I was pregnant – the feeling of relief doing shoulderstand in the chair and having the baby move off my pelvis for a few minutes was wonderful. Blessings to you and your little baby. Enjoy xo

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  3. Glad you found something! I resorted to huge, cut off sweats by the end. Worth it – was in class at 38 weeks…and in labor the next morning. 5+ years later, yoga and parenting are still intertwined.


  4. I didn’t discover yoga until a few years after my only son was born, but it’s become such a big part of my life now that I wonder what I would do if I were to have another child. I don’t worry too much about what the poses would do to the pregnancy, but rather what the pregnancy would do to the poses! I’m really clumsy as it is and if my last pregnancy is any indication, I become even clumsier with a baby bump…

    It doesn’t look like it’s affected you, though! Congratulations, and best wishes for you and your little one.


    • Balancing has become really tricky, I needed to re-learn while my body weight was shifting to unusual places. It’s been quite a journey! Thanks for reading and your kind words,



  5. Andrea check out ‘No Balls’. They do amazing bamboo clothing that is super comfortable for all my pregnant clients. So lovely to hear you’re fully enjoying everything.


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