Bamboo on the yoga mat…?

This post will start with babies and bamboo (I know, bear with me) but will lead onto yoga, eventually.

A very thoughtful friend offered a stack of bamboo tissues to us after our baby was born. When we unwrapped the parcel we honestly weren’t quite sure what to do with them. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never owned anything made of bamboo before, apart from the hallmark IKEA ‘lucky bamboo spiral’ (it’s actually called Dracaena and, in our case, hasn’t been so lucky but died after a while…).

Well, in any case, we soon found out that bamboo has a few amazing features: It keeps you cool when it’s hot, keeps you warm when it’s cool (I couldn’t believe it either, but it works) and it is oh so soft on the skin – hence the baby tissues.

Bamboo has many fans!

Bamboo has many fans!

And then I found out about yoga leggings made of bamboo. I mean, really, if our four months old loves it on his skin, there must be something to it, no? Apparently, bamboo apparel is “moisture absorbing, thermo regulating, hypo-allergenic, antibacterial and anti fungal“. Oh and it seems organic bamboo yarn is also more sustainable than organic cotton. It’s the fastest growing plant on the planet and does not require fertilisers or pesticides and virtually no irrigation.

And indeed, bamboo leggings feel SO soft on the skin and will follow you into any crazy yoga posture you may attempt. It honestly feels like you’re wearing nothing! I also like the wide waistband (nothing worse than a tight waistband cutting into your abdomen when you try to work on your abdominal breathing…).

YUM and oh so comfy...

YUM and oh so comfy…

Any downsides? Well, the soft tissue isn’t as opaque as some other leggings I own that are made of more rigid tissue, and the clothes aren’t actually 100% bamboo but 80% organic bamboo and 13% nylon and 7% spandex (they need to add a bit of nylon for strength and a bit of spandex for stretch and 80% is the highest percentage they can go to).

Overall, they are among the most comfy leggings I’ve ever owned, I also wear them around the house and at just under $25 they’re quite affordable. You can get them at Nourished Life (they also stock bamboo tops, socks and underwear).

Have you tried bamboo clothes? What did you think of them?

~ Andrea

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  1. A yoga teacher of mine just recently made an analogy to bamboo. “Your yoga training will be very similar to bamboo; creating an intricate root system underground and then after some time but seemingly almost overnight, you sprout up above the ground an unstoppable force of life!”


  2. Yes, I have bamboo underwear, and I’ve used bamboo yarn to crochet a dress for my daughter. I love it too, it’s very comfortable, and sustainable as well!


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