India’s wonder spice

I’m always very reluctant to click on links to articles that promise to achieve something out of this world if only I was eating this or that wonder food, or if only I was able to keep my fingers off this or that nasty type of food.

However, according to Ayurveda there is such a thing as a wonder spice. I don’t believe in miracle foods – but then I do believe in Ayurveda. And if there’s one spice that can do it all, even better. So a while ago, I started using Turmeric.

It looks strange. But it works wonders, apparently.

It looks strange. But it does wonders, apparently.

Granted, it tastes peculiar, at least at the beginning, and all your dishes will be saffron-coloured. But it grew on me. No matter what I cook, reaching for the turmeric jar has almost become a reflex.

Had my ayurvedic practitioner not mentioned it, I would have never even noticed it on the supermarket spices shelf. I rarely get to ‘T’ anyway, and not much beyond ‘M’ for mixed spice (I know, I know….).

Turmeric, as we know it.

Turmeric, as we know it.

It’s a staple of Ancient Indian Medicine and apparently everyone who is into Indian (or Chinese) cooking knows about it. Turmeric is native to Southern India (even though it is now grown everywhere) and belongs to the ginger family.

Should you want to give it a go, here are some of turmeric’s benefits:

  • Increases the body’s detoxification capabilities
  • Is a powerful antioxidant
  • Helps fighting dementia
  • Has anti-cancer properties
  • Fights infections
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Good source of iron and vitamin B6
  • Improves inflammatory conditions
  • Can be used as a face mask for clear skin

Turmeric is even sold as tablets over the counter but the easiest way of adding turmeric to your food is by sprinkling a spoon full into your rice while it’s simmering. Even if you don’t have time for healthy cooking, adding this spice to any dish will turn an average takeaway meal into something with health benefits!

Have you used turmeric? What do you think of its benefits and taste?

~ Andrea

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  1. I love turmeric! Thanks for your great article about it. I add 1 tsp of water to 1tsp of turmeric to make a paste. Then I roll it into a ball and take it like a tablet with a glass of water. It’s an easy way to incorporate extra turmeric into your diet without buying tablets, but I do end up with yellow hands!


  2. I got on the turmeric-train after hearing of all the anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, etc benefits… I like to chop cabbage and onion and cook that up in a pan with a generous dash of turmeric, usually toss all that on top of some rice or barley or quinoa! I actually really like the taste of turmeric with the cabbage… Last night I tried putting some turmeric into a cup of puerh tea with soymilk! Was very tasty also! 🙂


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