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This is better than coffee!

I’ve been struggling with caffeine addiction for years. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a coffee once in a while – but I reached a state where I wasn’t even operational without several coffees a day. Honestly, without my 3pm coffee I’d have to go to sleep before our toddler.

Yes, I’ve tried chai tea. It does work, but requires preparation and takes 15min cooking time. I’ve also tried chai tea bags but they tend to be a let-down.

But… (drum roll!!)…

Now I finally found the perfect solution (it’s so good, it’s almost ridiculous!):


Matcha latte!

Ever wondered about all these people sipping green lattes?

Yes, that’s just that: Matcha tea and milk.

Does it work? Hell, it does! This tea makes me feel super energetic, excited, ready to tackle any project that I’ve ever shelved. And the – gentle – matcha rush lasts. For hours. And hours. No nasty coffee crash. I also love its sweetness and creamy texture.

Is it healthy? Oh gosh, YES. That too. It’s not just healthier than coffee, it’s also healthier than green tea! I know, this is too good to be true.


Matcha tea powder and the magic bamboo whisk, needed to produce lovely, creamy foam!

Here are some facts:

  • Increases focus and alertness (without the caffeine jitters you get from coffee)
  • Boosts metabolism (which can aid in increased fat burning)
  • Enhances energy levels naturally (with no ‘crash’ like other stimulants)
  • Off the charts antioxidant levels (more than any other ‘superfood’)
  • Calming yet energising properties (due to the L-Theanine / caffeine combination)
  • Supports your immune function (from all those antioxidants)
  • Aids meditation practice (matcha has been used by zen monks for centuries)
  • Super high levels of HGCgs (antioxidants known for their cancer fighting properties)
  • 137x antioxidants of green tea (and just forget about spinach, walnuts and açaí or goji berries….)

The thing is: When you use matcha powder, you’re ingesting the entire tea leaf (unlike with other brews where the leaves are discarded).

The nutritional value of 1 cup of matcha = 10 cups of regular brewed green tea.

But wait, there’s more! Just look at this Instagram feed of Kenko Matcha (I actually found Kenko via Instagram – they’re an awesome local company that works with matcha producers in Japan and imports matcha green tea powder into Australia):

Yes, you can cook, bake and use this tea in smoothies, breakfast bowls and facial masks 🙂

Making a matcha latte takes no longer than making a “normal” latte. The Kenko tea guys also made a how-to video:

Honestly, I am so obsessed with matcha latte, I have the feeling I’m just replacing my coffee addiction with another one – but much healthier!

Find out more about Kenko Tea here. They also sell certified organic matcha tea. 🙂

Have you tried matcha? Did you like it?


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    • I’m in Australia and I buy from Kenko tea or from T2, they both sell organic matcha. You’re right, it’s expensive. I sometimes get my matcha latte when I’m at a café and it’s only slightly more expensive than a regular (coffee) latte.


  1. Green tea latte!!!! This is my drink of choice. I discovered it quite by accident when while helping my sister move. I ordered a green tea and they made me a green tea latte. I was in a coffee shop though, so why would anyone not order a latte? 🙂 I took a sip and the rest is history.


    • Haha, I believe we discover the most amazing things by accident – I saw matcha latte on a menu and had no idea what it was. I decided to order and well, that was it: the start of a new (healthy) addiction 🙂

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  2. After reading this post I went to buy matcha tea. I usually am a big coffee drinker but the effect of coffee lasts for 30minutes and then come crashing down. Matcha tea takes longer to take effect but when it does, it lasts longer. it also tastes good and feels healthy! It certainly works for me!

    Thanks so much Andrea for coming up with all these nice ideas


  3. Chai tea is very good! I started drinking it to help the caffeine withdrawal symptoms when I had to cut down on coffee. I learned to really like black tea with non dairy creamer. Very good!


  4. Hi,
    I have discovered London Fog and am loving it so much I’m giving up coffee voluntarily! Strong Earl Grey tea, latte-style steamed non-dairy milk, vanilla and stevia. Heaven! Congratulations on finding your healthy, delectable treat!


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