$400 yoga pants, anyone?

I’m currently researching the BEST of YOGA guide Perth (after Melbourne, FREE, nonprofit, independent), which means I go to a lot of classes. A hell of a lot of classes. Every day. Sometimes several times a day. And I see many, many yogis.

You know how it is. You’re supposed to focus on your drishti. Well, I don’t know you, but I can’t help noticing people around me. And what I did notice is this: Probably 80% of yogis in any given class wear at least one (if not two) items by Lululemon. It’s the widely accepted, established yoga gear brand.

But now this:

There’s a brand that challenges Lululemon with (gasp) $400 yoga pants. If you’re wondering what these pants (“a watercolor painting full of pastels”) look like, here you go:


They’re called the “Nordica” leggings and they’re made by Bandier (they’re actually $420 but at that price the $20 more won’t matter). The brand, created by Jennifer Bandier, is only two years old but already has a flagship store in Manhattan.

And the store is more than a store: It’s a place to shop, stay, hang out:


Somehow, it all strangely reminds me of the L’Oréal slogan “Because you’re worth it.”


A marketing strategy that seems to be working well.


Top image: Bandier. Store image: Stefania Curto for the New York Times.

Slogan: L’Oréal.

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  1. OMG no way. Hilarious to the point where I can’t believe this exists! Wow our world is…special. I need to be comfortable, and I’m set for exercise. Hopefully they’re comfy!


  2. OMG …Yoga can’t be ‘marketed’ like this? …….all you need is a dusty old floor …..enough room to lie flat out with your arms outstretched and to breeeeeeath:D:D:D
    These pants are sacreligious:D:D:D


  3. I am always flabbergasted at the price people will pay for things. I cannot imagine paying $400 for something that I roll around on the floor in. As CeeJayKay says, putting the money towards a class/training/retreat seems to be more my speed.


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