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I never bought a yoga poster with postures on it and the only type of yoga poster I’m familiar with is the stick figure variety.

No, actually that’s not true. I do have a small poster with the Ashtanga yoga series on it, and it’s fair to say that Sharath is fairly lean and fit.

It never occurred to me that there actually wasn’t a poster that featured all sorts of body shapes.


The new generation of yoga posters?

Well, now there is. Danish artist and animator Marie Jørgensen has created…

a poster with the basic poses and their names, aesthetically presented in a simple fashion with natural and relatable human bodies.

It’s meant to illustrate that yoga is for every body and that there is no particular way a “yoga body” (whatever that means) should look like. Marie wants to instil a sense of confidence and assurance.

Because hey, after all, they all just look like – me.


All poses, all shapes, all bodies.

What’s your take on this new trend?


Find Marie on Instagram or on her website.


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  1. She is incredible artist she did a sketch of me in a nude pose. Think it is important to not attach western sensibilities about the naked body to yoga after all nagna yoga is a real highly spiritual part of yoga.


  2. I adore these images. Not only are they cute, but I am a BIG fan of promoting yoga with all body types. In this era of social media, we are inundated with images of perfect bodies doing impossibly difficult poses. But that only represents a smaaaaaalllll percentage of what yoga is. Bravo for real bodies with folds and shapes and curves. Thank you for sharing this! I will have to find more of her work now!


  3. I believe so strongly that yoga has benefits for everyone – no matter what shape or size your body is – so if posters and drawings like these help promote that – then it can only be a good thing!

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  4. Thanks for sharing. My thoughts are : as long as it’s “artistic” and not vulgar, I’m good with it. But I rather like nude yoga pose where the photographer and yogi, are not showing intimate part. You see the curve of the breast, but nothing more, like on IG nude_yogagirl or her website Those, in my opinion, are really good naked yoga pose, and not because of her beautiful body, but because it’s not showing intimate part, it’s just yoga, without the pubic hair, and butt crack 🙂


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