Yoga classes on a helipad

True story: The Ritz-Carlton Spa in Los Angeles offers yoga classes on its helipad.

Try and imagine this: You want to relax, decompress, destress – do you feel how your heart rate is slowing down? – but you’re on the 55th floor (yes, that’s 650 feet above the ground).


Reach your arms up to the sky. Quite literally.

Usually, the helipad is off-limits and is only used for emergencies, but if you’re able to get a few friends together (or pay a whopping $3,500 to rent the pad for yourself) it’s all yours. The price also includes a 50-minute spa treatment, lunch and valet parking. You can even have your lunch on the rooftop patio (normally not accessible to the public).



Well then, this doesn’t sound so bad, no? 😉

Just make sure you warn your friends that helicopters landing on nearby helipads come really close. Just the right moment to focus on being calm and present.


Read more/image credit here.

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  1. That’s pretty awesome. I’m going to have to check that out. I don’t think it will be relaxing necessarily, but definitely an interesting, unique experience.


  2. tall buildings are my idea of hell. this would seriously encourage some inner focus just to stop me freaking out about the height. could be the making of my best practice ever!!


  3. I used to practice yoga in Zurich on a roof downtown and all i can say is that i find tall buildings more inspiring towards jumping off them belongs in nature, looking at the sun, at the trees, at the flowing water, not at buildings! the reason people have free of heights is because it is unnatural to build so tall buildings and stick people in them…


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