Workout is the new happy hour

Gone are the times when your yoga studio was a place you’d go to for a yoga class (yawn) – or at least if LA’s most progressive entrepreneurs have it their way. So what’s new?

Your yoga studio is serving you in many more ways. It lets you meet up after work, take part in activities outside of yoga, and it hosts events and organises excursions.

Yoga studio café

Yes, you can also do yoga at LA’s Hyperslow.

You may have been content sipping your match latte after class and then head off – but that’s not what these studios want you to do. The yoga studio of the future is not a place where you take a yoga class. It’s where you socialise, meet up for hiking trips or beach clean-ups, pursue other hobbies (lots of crafty things on offer!), have a drink, listen to live music and make friends (yes, there are wine and beer nights). It’s also a wellness destination where you get all your treatments done – and it doubles as an art gallery.

Yoga hiking

Santa Monica’s Create Yoga organises group hikes.

Anyway, it seems that workouts are the new happy hour, so why not stick around and make it your only after-work destination? They give you all the reasons in the world not to leave….

Would this work for you?


Image credits: Create Yoga and Hyperslow.

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    • Yes, it does sound good. I’ve met countless people through yoga 🙂 This also sounds like a win-win-situation where the studio gets to keep its clients for a little longer and students are able to become part of a community.

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