Yoga mats – made of animal skin

Imagine this…

You’re a data analytics system manager for a New York hedge fund. Then you decide to produce a yoga mat.

Just like that. And hey, why not?

But wait, not just any yoga mat. One made of leather. Yes, that’s right. And you’re going to sell it for $1,000 apiece. 


…believe it or not, this is a true story. BallerYoga mats are selling for $1,000 (well, or at least they are being advertised at that price). They’re made of leather, and they are “better than their slippery competitors” (interestingly, the video featuring the “slippery mat” clearly shows the Manduka logo – not sure what Manduka is going to do about this – watch the videos here).

So why should you buy this mat?

Because (all quotes):

  • Synthetic mats stink
  • Leather smells great from day one
  • It’s not slippery (unlike its competitors)
  • Why slip when you can grip
  • Creating a new foundation
  • Nothing is more primal
  • Made of the same Horween Tanned-In-Tack football leather used by professional ballers

It seems that ballers know a lot about yoga. Who would have thought? Probably I should look into getting myself a BallerYoga mat? 😉

Have you ordered yours yet?


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  1. OMF! seriously? are they MAD?

    My view… Did they even take time out to find out what people who practice yoga are all about? Guess not… i guess when your friends are as fake as the tans and teeth that they don, its more about how much it costs, how much money you can make out of them and has nothing to do with how we should be living a more ethical, peaceful, sustainable life…

    *lol* Oh Andrea !!!

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