Seeing God in small things

Sometimes I read about people who ask for “proof” that God exists. I always try and think of what these people might mean by that. Are they looking for a miracle? Something so out of this world that it must have been an act of God?

In my small, personal world I’ve just come across something that, for me, qualifies as a miracle. A miracle in the sense that I can’t figure out why it happened. Really, it’s magic.

It all started when my husband took to playing guitar at home. His audience, meaning myself and our toddler, were avid listeners. However, the little one couldn’t walk at the time and just enjoyed the music, smiling to himself.

Then, when he started becoming a confident walker, something extraordinary happened:

He started dancing!

No, we don’t dance at home. He has never seen his parents, or anyone else, dance. At that point he hadn’t seen anyone dancing at daycare either (we enrolled him shortly afterwards). We don’t have a TV where he could have seen people dancing.

He just reacted out of an internal urge, a desire to move his body to music.

We were stunned. No, it wasn’t very well choreographed. But as soon as the guitar play started, he jumped up and moved his arms and legs in rhythm. He even urged me to get up and move with him!

Isn’t this just magic? I certainly felt as if I was part of some bigger magic, something miraculous, something working behind the scenes. Something that my senses couldn’t grasp or comprehend.

Have you had similar experiences? Something that just felt like magic?

Please share them in the comments!

Your (still mesmerised),


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  1. Music is processed in a different part of your brain then say, reading or speech or writing. If you have no tv or he has not had any outside influence, then perhaps the pathway to the area of the brain that responds to music is very clear and open…Lucky , lucky baby. We have danced and sang and made music for a long time and we are wired for it. As he listened to your partner playing , he was creating a neural pathway. It only seems natural that dancing would follow. The brain is very “intelligent’….there is also “the hundred monkey theory”… very interesting stuff but too complicated and longwinded for explanation right now… I think the lesson of your experience for me is that, we must be very careful and very mindful of the information that we allow our children to absorb at a young age …your example shows the wisdom of this… have fun with your little dancer, nothing is better for the soul than a moving free body and a happy baby!! Cheers!!!


  2. Some people would call it God, others would have another name for their deity and some may call it the soul or spirit shining through. No matter how someone chooses to interpret this, it is still a wonderful event. I’m so glad it brought you such joy to see it happen before your eyes.

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  3. Fantastic. Great story. Best most simple story for the day. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. Very precious piece of dreaming for you 3 souls. Blessed be


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