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The yoga world has never been more complex. Some studios offer 300+ classes every week while others cover 20 different yoga styles.
We know that there’s hardly anything as rewarding as a perfect yoga practice. A practice that meets you where you are, challenges you without being too demanding, and leaves you refreshed, energized and ready to seize life. Students all over the world are seeking this ‘yoga glow’ – and those classes that will make it happen.

But how do you know which class will leave you glowing?

BEST of YOGA empowers beginners and advanced yogis by providing information about studios, classes and teachers. We don’t accept money in exchange for positive reviews. We check out every studio we write about in person. We don’t mind sweating in class to tell you if it’s worth it. We don’t mind getting up at 5am to check out that early morning Mysore class for you.

We are unbiased. We tell it as we see it.

So maybe you want to get an overview of studios in your home town, you are travelling and don’t know the local yoga scene, or you’re looking for something in particular (kids classes, chanting, vigorous and physically demanding classes, yoga philosophy lectures… you name it!) – these guides are for YOU! 


…and the BEST of YOGA team

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